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Discipleship Groups

What is discipleship?  At Bridge, we treasure the fact that God knows we are messy people, and yet still loves to meet us where we are.  In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus says, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.  I came not to call the righteous, but sinners," (Mark 2:17).  At the same time, God does not leave us as He finds us.  Where would the hope be in that?  God's plan for us is far better than that, as He gives His Spirit to His people to transform them.  He makes more and more like Himself, so that we can love how He loves, think like He thinks, and rejoice how He rejoices.  This lifelong process of us following Jesus and becoming more like Him can be summed up in the word "discipleship".


We believe that we grow in our faith through a number of avenues.  As we heard the Word in large group worship, we are encountering Jesus and being transformed.  As we meet in house churches and discuss His grace and His truth, we are growing in grace.  As we join Him in mission, whether through service projects, or loving our neighbors, or whatever else He might lead us to, we are becoming more like Him.  And one way that we at Bridge see to grow in our love for Jesus is by participating in D-Groups.

A D-Group is a small group of men or women who meet regularly to talk about faith and life.  We consider together what God is doing in our hearts, and we are free to share our sin, our shame, and our sorrows.  We also rejoice with one another as we see God doing beautiful things in the lives of our friends.  A D-Group is a tiny community within God's broader church where we can apply the Gospel to each other's lives, and point each other to Jesus in the good times and the bad.

We recognize that this is not the only way that discipleship happens, but it has been a beautiful thing for many in our body, and we treasure the work that God has done through these little communities.  Interested in hearing more about them?  Let us know.  We'd be happy to tell you more.

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