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What to Expect

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Bridge is a community of people, centered on Christ, seeking to walk through life together in a meaningful way. That means that Bridge is not based around programs, events, or even Sunday morning worship.  We are grounded, rather, in the person of Jesus, and it is Jesus and His work that gives meaning to all that we do.    So while we love programs, events, and worship services, we love them because of the fact that Jesus first loved us, and we do those things because they are a way to experience Him.

So what can you expect when you spend time with us?  Well, as we believe that Jesus welcomes us and calls us to be authentic before Him, we hope you too will feel welcomed by us wherever you find yourself in life.  Whether you are rich or poor, single or married, a church-goer or someone who is new to all of this, we are glad that you are considering getting to know us.  We would be grateful for the chance to get to know you.


Sunday morning worship is casual and relaxed, and there is a beautiful spread of food and coffee every week.  Feel free to join us!  We meet at the Easton Area Community Center, 901 Washington Street, Easton, PA 18042.  Service starts at 10.  Hope to see you there! 

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