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When God called Abraham, the first patriarch, to follow Him, God did so in order that Abraham would be a blessing.  As that blessing has come to us in Christ, so we at Bridge exist to be a blessing to our neighbors, our city, and to the surrounding areas.  

We do that in a number of ways.  First of all, Bridge is what you call a "church plant". We are a young church, having been started by Mike and Judy Hollenbach about 8 years ago, with just a small group of people.  We have grown through outreach both relationaly and programmaticaly, as we have sought to bless those around us.  

Some of that looks very simple.  As we seek to keep God at the center of our lives, His love and grace spills out into our relationships.  We love to share the hope that He gives with friends and neighbors. 

Some of the way that we seek to be a blessing to our community is through participating in community events.  We join people and local businesses in our involvement  in Easton's Garlic Festival and Heritage day, and we love to join in serving in other events as the opportunity presents itself.

We seek to bless our community is through our Community Builders ministry.  Community Builders exists to be a “blessing” to the city of Easton through acts of service (clean-up, light construction, etc.). Community Builders seeks to do that through planned service days within our community and among our neighbors that cultivate a lifestyle of service, sacrifice and "blessing”. 

Our Kids-in-Motion ministry is another way that we love our community.  Kids-in-Motion exists to be a “blessing” to the children and families of Easton through providing opportunities for children and families to gather together for fun and fellowship. KiM seeks to do that through quarterly “open gym bashes” and a week long summer sports & arts camp! See our calendar for upcoming Kim events.

Finally, our church also partners with ministries serving both locally and globally, and we send a team overseas on an annual-to-semiannual basis.

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