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United by Christ to one another for Mission.



Here at Bridge, we believe that all of life is worship.  This worship is expressed by God's people through their communion with Him, community with one another, and participation in the co-mission to which He has called us - and often in some combination of the three!  We would love to invite you to get to know us further and hear more about our church family.  More than that - we would love to get to know you!  Please feel free to stop by on a Sunday morning or to contact us to learn more or to meet with someone in person.  We look forward  to hearing from you!


What is the Bible really about?  Ultimately, the Bible is a story, or a history, of God seeking to be in a relationship with the people He has created.  This relationship is found through union with Christ, through which we have access to the Father. as sons and daughters.  This relationship erupts in worship.  Interested in joining us in worship?


Bridge Community Church is a group of people committed to journeying together as we follow Christ in a world full of joy and sadness, of laughter and grief, of love & pain.  Because of the Gospel, we are able to honest about the hardest things in life - our sin, our sorrow, our shame  - and we are simultaneously able to more fully enjoy our great God and the lives which He has given us.  Want to hear more about our community? 


We are a church that exists for the sake of the expansion of God’s Kingdom locally, regionally and to the ‘ends of the earth’.  We serve locally as we love our neighbors and participate in the life of our city.  We serve regionally by partnering with gospel movements in the Lehigh Valley.  We serve ‘the ends of the earth’ by joining with those reaching other parts of the world with the ‘good news’ of Jesus Christ.  Want to to hear more about our our engagement in this co-mission?

July 30th

House Church Sunday

House Church breakouts, immediately after large group worship

August 1st

National Night Out

Community Block Party for a night of fun in the neighborhood. 5-8pm outside of Paxinosa Elementary School.

August 16th

Bridge @ the Beach

Meet at Meuser Park, 8 am. Carpooling available!


Click below to hear about the life of our church.

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