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Just Say Jesus

by Jodee Fortner

During challenging times like these, sometimes you just want to have the perfect things to say to encourage others or give inspiration. I am having a hard time finding those words right now. There’s a song that comes to my mind when I am trying to pray and just not sure what to say… it says “when you don’t know what to say, just say Jesus”.

I am not sure how to pray for a dear friend struggling with an illness and not being able to be a support to them in person. Will they be healed? Will their family be ok….Jesus….

How do you pray for all the moms who are grieving the loss of the supports to their children with a disability including friends, school, needed therapies, etc….Jesus…

Sometimes the words are hard to think of when I pray for my friends in Peru who are more restricted in their homes than we are, there’s no unemployment help and the whole ministry that I served for 15 years could potentially collapse without patients and volunteers…and what about the poor who don’t have money for basic needs?….Jesus….

I am definitely a social person, I am recharged hanging out with others and rarely want to be alone. No line dancing, no game nights, no dinners with friends. Grieving the loss of my love language which is quality time... Jesus….

What if that family member who doesn’t know Jesus gets the virus, or never comes to know the Lord?... Jesus….

When I am overwhelmed by the things that I don’t have the words to adequately pray for, I just say Jesus. Even though its hard to know what will happen, the hope I have is the same Jesus that conquered the grave can conquer this virus as well and bring resurrection life to us. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will bring his resurrection life to all of us on the other side of this pandemic.

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