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A Time to Garden

by Jason Babaz

Like so many of us, my schedule has been greatly interrupted. To start, I no longer have to leave the house before the birds are singing! However, we are all still awake with the new baby and our ever eager 3 year old. Also, it seems there is something happening during the day which I have become unfamiliar with… it’s called “life”. And although I am now back at “work from home", I am ever more aware of the middle hours of the day. While this is a change for me, Isaiah seems to be ready for the challenge. Today, I put Isaiah to work in the garden. We are making a new stretch of soil to plant in and he is willing to toil. And so, in an effort to keep this brief, I suppose I’d like to end with a definition:

TOIL: v: to work extremely hard or incessantly. n: exhausting physical labor. 

It seems to me that we are all currently working extremely hard, toiling with our current circumstances. While many of us have been asked to stay home, this has proven to be an exhausting endeavor. However, most like a garden, our current efforts will yield a bountiful harvest. I again turn to my 3 year old as a reminder of God’s faithfulness to us. Isaiah wakes every day, immediately ready for the toiling that is ahead. He isn’t fully aware of the changes that we are aware of, yet he is always ready to dig in the garden. He is a reminder for me that God is patient, and ready to toil with me.  And so I can be patient too, even through uncertainty.

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